Friday, May 17, 2013

GTA | Vice City Full Game Free Download

GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto is an action and adventure car racing PC game and it is also a Open world game. It is released at 2002.It is developed by Rock star Games Co..The Grand Theft Auto Series is also GTA Series as abbreviation.This is 3rd 3d game in the GTA series .GTA Vice City is multi-platform game.Grand Theft Auto Vice City is shown the 80s American Culture.
The story of the game revolves around the Thief "Tommy" .Tommy recently released from the prison by his son.The game play of GTA Vice City is very similar to GTA III PC game.But it have much improvents as compared to GTA III.Missions are completed so that the pace will be opened while it is blocked or unlocked.Some Additional things like Hidden Weapons and packages are dispersed in the land of Vice City at various places.
You can also steal the other's bike , motorcar , Tank & many other vehicles.Some people  run and shouting when you steal the car. while others can beat you many times it is gang men.This will increase your notoriety in the game by adding star.More than 3 or 4 stars the tank and helicopters of the police will attack on you.You can also reduce it by picking up the star type icon on the hidden places.
An other feature component in this game is that of "Purchasing the houses ".Houses means not only homes&houses but also all the clubs , grassy lands And the shopkeepers.The reason for making this extra feature to create various places to save the game any house or place, you have bought.Sometimes the gangs will be altogether and against to Protagonist.The player plays Many missions in which he will be with both teams.To earn the money , you can play game as taxi man , Ambulance and Police.

If you face any problem tell me on comments, if see any dead r broken link tell me.

System Requirement 

The game have following system constant 
Operating system :Win XP , 7 & Vista
Hard disk:  900 to 1000+ MB .
Video Card:64 mB 
RAM: 128 MB
Directx 9

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